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Each year, on the 20th of July, we celebrate the

Festa Patronale di Santa Margherita .

You'll find the traditional market of local products and artcraft.

You'll can take part in the Procession that goes trough the Main St.

and, in the evening,

there 'll be a fireworks show to enjoy from the pier !!!

Ferragosto , the 15th of August, can be roughly translate it as "the Peak of the Summer" , almost the whole Country is on vacation , so be prepared to find plenty of people just everywhere

... So , ....what are you waiting for ??

Come and join the crowd !!!

Le 20ème Juillet, chaque année , nous célébrons, "Festa Patronale di Santa Margherita".

Il y a un marché traditionnel des produits et de l'artisanat locaux,... et, en soirée, les feux d'artifice !!!

Ferragosto, le 15ème Août, presque tout le monde est en vacances, ainsi soit préparée pour trouver becoup de monde juste partout ! ! !

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