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How can I find you ?

When you'll get off the train , simply follow the Main St., Via Roma , for a couple of minutes walk, and you'll reach Marconi Sq. the heart of our village. Look on your right and you'll see a yellow house : we'll wait for you at the door nr. 23 .

...... And to help you to find us more easyly, we schetched a little map .............why not print it out ??? CLICK HERE !!!

How far is it from the sea ??

Not far.....Vernazza is a very small village.....everything is just minutes away from our location !!!

Do I have a view from the windows ??

Our windows looks right on a " carruggio" .......that's how the alleys between buildings are called here !!

I'm coming by train, is there a direct connection to Vernazza from any of the main italian city ?

No, not yet......anyway, almost certainly you're going to land in Rome, Milan, Pisa or Genova.( We strongly suggest to make arrangement to land in Pisa or Genova because it'll be way much easier to get here .....and we can even send you the trains schedule from Pisa only .) From there you have to catch a train to LA SPEZIA, and than board one of the many " treno locale " ( i.e. local train ) that stops at every little village along the coast, including, of course, Vernazza. Please, be sure to check our
" Gettin' Here " page to find the URL of the National Railway Service and have access to the timetable.

Do you serve breakfast ??

No , we don't serve breakfast can find plenty to choose from down in the Square....... a couple of minutes walk from our place. Anyway, we provide a small in - house refrigerator for your convenience.

I'm coming with a children, can you accomodate him/her ?

Sure, we can provide an extra cot , free of charge.

I'm coming by car, is there a parking ?

Sure, you can park just at the outskirt of the village and take advantage of the Shuttle Service for an hourly ( € 1,50 ) , and / or daily ( € 12,00 ) , and / or weekly ( € 70,00 ) fee .
( Please note that we are not responsible for any change that may occour to these fees )

I'm coming with a pet, do you accept it ?

Sure, as long as it's a small one !!!

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