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The most famous tourist destination of the Liguria region is that part of the coast where , amid the mediterranean vegetation , five little villages are aligned , connected by the railroad and walking paths.
Looking very much like some village of the French Riviera , with it's little gothic church , Santa Margherita d'Antiochia , perched on a rock above the sea, Vernazza is the second one of the 5 Terre coming from North , it's tiny Piazza, the steep steps, narrow alleys, the little natural harbor ,make it maybe the most beatiful of them all .

Monterosso with it's lively beach, Corniglia dedicated mostly to the wine coltivation, Manarola with it's hauses of many colors, and Riomaggiore , the last one.

The most famous among the paths on that runs along the coast, is for sure the " Via dell'Amore " ( i.e. the Path of Love ) , it's links Riomaggiore to Manarola starting just beside the Riomaggiore railway station, and it takes about 50 minutes walk to complete.

The former Portus Veneris , abutt just opposite of Lerici with it's famous castle built in the 1200 by the Pisani , on the west side of the Gulf of La Spezia. The Genovesi conquer the village in the XII century , strengthen the big castle that still dominate it at present time.

Amid the colors and the friendly atmosfere of this little juwel , one must not miss the church of San Pietro, located on the extreme tip of the village on a rock just opposite the Palmaria Island.

The "tourists invasion" from North Europe started in the early years of the 1800 , when two famous english poets George Byron and Percy Byshhe Shelley , settle down in the Gulf of La Spezia . They opened the way to many others and the Liguria region found it's calling as a top tourist destination .

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